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My universe is waterproof

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by Nino from Georgia, 28 March ’14 

These last days while receiving so many surrealistic news from all around me – Putin having fun from one side, Erdogan chilli’ out from the other, our own government having mental breakdown out there – funnily I catch myself at the state of unexplainable quiet happiness, or call it joy if you want so, or may it be called enlightenment.

Since childhood I have a repeating nightmare of a huge ocean wave covering me, usually it covers me and my beloved ones, who are always somewhere around me in my dream and we drown all together under that huge mass of powerful howling wave.

These days I have a very similar feeling – a huge wave of stupidity, human short-sightedness, greed and hatred covering me and my beloved ones, covering our streets, our waking-ups and going-to-beds, our universes. I often tend to exaggerate in emotional terms, guess this is also a case, but every day I catch a distant howling of a wild wave and feel, something is definitely rotten in our state of Denmark.

Where is the place for joy and teddy-bears then? – In a wonderful idea accompanying the more strengthening sound of the approaching wave – “love is all that matters”. Right now I want to build an ark and pack all the beauty of human nature and living into it and aaah there is so many of it. Sounds like a sweet ending for a Hollywood movie about the end of the days, which sentimentally tells us how much there is to be saved on this earth and that Bruce Willis has the thing to fight for, but anyway – the moral which Putin has taught me is that I want to build an ark in myself, which will contain this beauty I cherish. Ark will be waterproof and all my beloved ones will live in it, with all their good minds, clear hearts and resistance against the growing idiocy. All these days my heart melts sentimentally at each sight of simplest beauties of life, I keep remembering things I loved in childhood, keep singing on streets even louder with my headphones on my head and yes, Putin made me fall in love with the world even stronger – because he is so simple and narrow and people around me, people in my books, in my house, in my class-rooms, on my streets – they are so much more beautiful than him…

My universe is waterproof, it’s blooming and its water-resistant shield labeled “love” grows even thicker every day. Thank you, dear father of modern chaos and idiocy, thank you dear V V Putin.

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One thought on “My universe is waterproof

  1. Thanks, Nino! I guess most of us know how it feels now and then, listening to only bad news – definitely overwhelmed by, like from a wave -, and after a while feeling desperate, doubting that something’s gonna change, that your engagement makes a difference … I really love your attitude of “defiance”!! This is how we’ll do it!

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