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Velociped Festival – or how to make a first step

Did you always want to organise something interesting and impactful? Do you have amazing ideas all the time and a burning desire to positively change your environment? But in the end, and out of different reasons, it rarely actually happens? This is how I and my friend Vlad felt half a year ago when we heard of an opportunity to get support from MitOst for a socially relevant project.
1-downhill-contestAn article by Mikalai Vincheuski, one of the organisers of the bicycle festival and MitOst member project “Velociped” that took place 20 to 21 August 2016 in Belarus 
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Tbilisi – Zwischen zwei Welten

Vom 5. bis zum 9. Oktober 2016 ist das Internationale MitOst-Festival zu Gast in Georgiens Hauptstadt Tbilisi. In diesem Jahr wird die Vielfalt gefeiert – in unserem MitOst-Netzwerk, in Europa, in Tbilisi. Erste Eindrücke aus der georgischen Hauptstadt.
David Mirvelashvili (3)

Ein Artikel von Margalita Japaridze (Festivalteam), zuerst erschienen in MitOst Magazin #28
Fotos: David Mirvelashvili, Aki Green

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Sparkle in the eye

Whenever I start a training session, the first question I ask my participants is: what is your trigger? What brings you to the point of making or creating something? How do you start working on your ideas?


An article by Teona Dalakishvili, founder of Creative Development Center (Georgia) and member of the MitOst festival team 2016. The article was first published in MitOst Magazin #28
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