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Whenever I start a training session, the first question I ask my participants is: what is your trigger? What brings you to the point of making or creating something? How do you start working on your ideas?


An article by Teona Dalakishvili, founder of Creative Development Center (Georgia) and member of the MitOst festival team 2016. The article was first published in MitOst Magazin #28

Very often, people are unaware of what triggers their creativity. I meet people who have great ideas for their future projects, jobs, and activities, but they never ask themselves why. Where do these ideas come from? Usually my answer when I ask myself this question is that my trigger is a moment when I feel that something is hurting me. We want to change the things that we do not like, the things that bother us, the things we want to improve. But even more than this, my triggers are also the people around me!

When you come from a country that has gone through three wars in 20 years, when your childhood consisted of years of no electricity, not to speak of heating or proper transportation to school, you have two choices: either you become desperate, or you find your path towards becoming a changemaker.

I have decided not to be desperate. Desperation could destroy my entire world easily. I have decided instead to work towards becoming a change-maker. But to do something for people, you have to work with people. There were moments when I thought my ideas were crazy. That all changed when I met like-minded people at the Getting Involved! Programme in 2009. This is when I gained a new trigger, cooperation, brought about by the realisation that the things that hurt you hurt others too, and it is possible to implement solutions together. Your collaborators will wake you up with a reminder call that you have a meeting, will help you to draft ideas, will present it to partners and effect action. When I meet these types of people, when we brainstorm together, no matter what the scale of the project, I get a feeling that everything is possible. And this is the biggest driver.

Of course, there are moments when I get desperate as well. There are many barriers, and I meet lots of people who do not believe in what I am doing or planning to do. When I run up against these hurdles, I can always count on talking with my colleagues. And these talks bring the sparkle back to my eyes, and I feel like I can overcome all obstacles again. Those people with the sparkle in their eyes are the ones who make an impact on the world.
In this way, we all become part of a bigger community, and all those small “impacts” that we create become part of worldwide activism. People get infected with the enthusiasm; family members, neighbours, people you meet on the bus, colleagues from school projects, they all get this feeling that they are also capable of doing something good. And this impact on those around me gives me even more energy to continue.


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