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Do you want to send us your perspective? Here we collected some important information you should consider:

1. Format
Your post can have any format in which you like to express your perspective, whether it is text, picture (also series), video; whether it is rather journalistic or poetic; or anything else …

2. Do’s
Your post has to show YOUR perspective, means firstly it really stems from you, and secondly it shows personal perceptions or impressions. Our goal is sharing different experiences on a personal level regarding effects in society and politics. You should be somehow personally involved into what you describe in your post.

3. Dont’s
We won’t publish posts without this personal aspect, as we think reports of facts or scientific research one can easily find in other media.
We won’t publish posts with merely cultural content – i.e. description of customs or traditions. Reviews are welcomed as long as they give a broader perspective on larger phenomena.

3. Additions
You are kindly invited to use the possibilities of the medium and send links for further reading, to basic information or other subject-related posts.
Also pictures which illustrates texts or texts which explains pictures are welcomed.

4. Necessities
Apart from the post itself and possible links, we need

  • a title (otherwise we create one)
  • a short teaser of two or three sentences which explain the main content of the post
  • personal information (your name, country and/or city); if you prefer you can remain anonymous.

5. Categories
Personal perspective: comments on or brief impressions of something which is going on in the political sphere
Social movement: personal descriptions of movements, activities, campaigns, demonstrations etc.
NGO life: emerging questions or challenges for organizations and institutions, insights how social and political circumstances influence NGO work
Political change: personal experiences, expectations and views on political debates, elections or other political processes

6. Editing
After you sent us your post, we check if it fits into our criteria. We edit texts with regard to readability (orthography, paragraphs etc.). Rarely, we’ll suggest changes like cuts, sometimes we’ll ask for pictures, links etc.


Read here more about the Blog. If you are interested in writing a text, making a short video, drawing a comic or sending us pictures, please write to mitblog(at)

Du möchtest etwas veröffentlichen? Schreib uns eine Mail an mitblog(at)


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