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March for Europe – afterthoughts on imagination and European unity

An article by Kakha Kotashvili from Georgia on his experience at the Advocate Europe meeting in Rome, March 2017, which he attended in the frame of a MitOst20 shadow visit lottery for members. 

Old Piazza Di Spagna from a course book

From my school days I remember a picture of the Piazza Di Spagna (Square of Spain) in Rome, Italy, being in my geography course book. At the time, I thought this square was very beautiful with its nice, old buildings and flowers on stairs. I liked it so much that during the whole year I kept dreaming I would go there and see it in Rome, preferably with the girl I liked at the time. I had a kind of Roman holidays in my mind.

Time passed and I forgot this picture, this dream and this girl, too. I grew up, went to Europe many times and thus had a chance to go to Italy as well, but somehow didn’t have a strong wish to visit this country as most of my European journeys were and are still connected with Germany due to MitOst activities and my other work; so every chance to go to Italy was delayed. Suddenly I, who never won a lottery in my life, got a message that I was the lucky one who would go to Rome, attend an Advocate Europe seminar there and take part in the March for Europe event as MitOst member. It was a really big surprise which reminded me of my old dream I had already forgotten.

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